Vaccination Tracking Solution In Colombia

The first blockchain solution to track COVID-19 vaccinations in Latin America is being launched in Colombia, with plans to expand to more countries in the region, according to a Tuesday (May 18) press release.

VitalPass is a digital passport that uses blockchain technology from eCurrency and transaction platform Algorand to offer security, traceability, and transparency throughout the vaccination process in Latin America.

The new solution came about from the efforts of La Casita Roja and Auna Ideas, with collaboration from the Cardioinfantil Clinic, Algorand and Koibanx, per the release. The mission is to securely track and confirm people who have been vaccinated.

Three Colombian cities are slated for the pilot period — Clínica las Américas in Medellín, Clínica PortoAzul in Barranquilla and Fundación Cardioinfantil in Bogotá. People being vaccinated will receive a digital ID card that can be accessed from smartphones and other web-based devices. 

“They will also have the validation of the IPS (‘Instituto Prestador de Salud,’ an accredited healthcare provider), which can be confirmed in real-time,” according to the press release.

“At Auna Ideas we are committed to innovation, renewing and reinventing ourselves with the purpose of transforming health care,” said Auna Ideas Director of Innovation at Health-Tech Andrés Vasquez.

Vasquez added that they partnered with Davivienda, Koibanx and Algorand, “the best in their fields” to enhance security for the vaccination process. 

“Davivienda has trusted us again to develop a project on the blockchain, and we chose Algorand to do it more efficiently,” said Koibanx CEO Edy Weber. “We hope this will help fight the health crisis in Colombia and show one of the many values this technology offers.”

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