BunnyPark NFT Big Bang Blind Box


BunnyPark is a new and secure, yet filled with opportunities and fun decentralized DeFi + NFT SaaS (Software as a Service) application deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a friendly and open project that allows developers to engineer it to be compatible with other innovative mainstream DeFi + NFT products. It is not just a decentralized exchange (DEX), blockchain oracle, proof of work liquidity, park gamification, NFT and social platform. Any developer is able to construct and build unique decentralized NFT applications (Dapps) in a shorter time frame by referring to Bunny Park NFT SaaS protocols.

Get ready for the big bang, guys!

There are a total of 18 new NFTs in BunnyPark NFT Big Bang Blind Box, including Mikami Yua, Eimi Fukada, Porsche, Bugatti, brand new 4 series of NFT and 2 series Easter eggs NFT. This campaign comprises two processes: Small Bang and Big Bang. Any BNB used to open a blind box will promote Small Bang and Big Bang.

The four new Big Bang series Blind Boxes include:

N Series: Four Luxury Car Bunny NFTs;

R Series: Four Eimi Fukada’s (深田えいみ) exclusive NFTs;

SR Series: Four Super Luxury Car Bunny NFTs;

SSR Series: Four Mikami Yua’s (三上悠亜) exclusive NFTs 

All four NFT series can be used for participation in NFT gamification to produce BPs.

The Easter Eggs NFTs will randomly appear in the Big Bang Blind Box. The BNB Easter Egg NFT can be exchanged for 1 BNB at any time; the Bentley Flying Spur Egg NFT will be divided into 36 fragments so that users can collect and exchange them for a brand new Bentley Flying Spur.


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